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"A netball match takes sixty minutes"

Translation:Mchezo wa mpira wa pete unahitaji dakika sitini

April 7, 2019



This sounds more like 'A game of netball takes sixty minutes'. So, anything wrong with Mechi ya mpira wa pete inahitaji dakika sitini?


That's the way I translated it as well. Previously, we had also been given "mashindano ya mpira wa pete" as "netball match" though I wondered if that is more a competition that may imply multiple matches.


My dictionary agrees with you: 'competition, contest'.


Duolingo's translation is" A netball game needs sixty minutes" while to me it would have been "Mechi ya mpira wa pete unachukua dakika sitini"


Wouldn't it be suitable to use the habitual "hu-" tense here? If so, what verbs could you use? Huhitaji? Huchukua? Synonyms for takes/lasts/etc.?

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