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"Faccio questo lavoro da tredici anni."

Translation:I do this work since thirteen years.

May 28, 2014



This is just not correct English


It should be "I've been doing / I have done this job for 13 years." There's no real difference except maybe the second is more factual and the first emphasises continuity, although tone of voice could alter both..

To explain: 'since' must relate to a moment in time, not to a duration of time. For example "since I joined the company 13 years ago" refers to a moment.

Duo's Italian refers to a duration. In English you say simply "for" a duration, not "since". Duo's error is a classic symptom of a non-native English speaker, and is very common. Don't do it.

It does NOT mean "since I was 13 years old"; that would be da quando avevo 13 anni.


Came here to say the same thing. It's still not fixed as of June 2021


This seems awkward to me.


I agree; better English would be "I have been doing this work for thirteen years". Did you report it?


Or .....since I was 13.


That is a different case. In this case, the "da" means from/since


I agree with Linda on the English translation. This sentence is poorly constructed and "I've been doing" is a more natural sentence in the present tense.


I see! But I think that would be better phrased in English as 'I do this work from the age of thirteen' or 'since I was thirteen'


Don't mind that comment. Although I am learning Italian as well, I am pretty sure that it doesn't mean "since I was thirteen", as you would have had an indicator of "to have" in the sentence. You were correct, as it means "the duration of thirteen years".


you're right on that


It's hard to figure out what is the intended meaning. If the person works since thirteen or if he is for thirteen years in that job.


I have been doing this job for thirteen years. This is the correct translation.


THIS IS NOT ENGLISH! Please change as per comments from so many people.


It is an incorrect translation, which I have to repeat in order to complete the unit.


"I do this work since thirteen years" is Italian or German-influenced English, but it is not native-speaker English at all. Both the tense and the preposition need to change for the sentence to sound like native-speaker English.


There isn't an option to report an incorrect translation. The whole English sentence "I do this work since thirteen years" is way off. As someone else commented it should be: I have been doing this job for thirteen years, or I have done this job for thirteen years.


No, the English is wrong. You cannot use present tense and "since" should be "for"


This is not English! The English translation should be ”I’ve been doing this job for thirteen years”!


THIS IS NOT ENGLISH!! Please change!


Ridiculous for a linguistic teaching program to offer that as an answer!


I can't believe this grossly incorrect English seems to have been on DL for SIX YEARS now. Come on, DL, it's a disgrace.


That is not English. I've been doing this work for 13 years is way better.


Please change this. It's painfully bad English!!!


In English we do say "... for thirteen years". Most other European languages use the equivalent of "... since thirteen years" and this has been offered incorrectly here. There is no option to report "the English translation is incorrect".


This is not correct English, and the "correct answer" shown above is different than the one given in the exercise: "I have done this work for 13 years", which would be correct / natural - and what I would have written, except the example used "faccio", which is present tense; "I have done" would be "ho fatto"


This is terrible English


I think we would say, "I do this work for thirteen years." Italian (and French) use the translation of "since" for this duration of time. - psh


Very poor English. should be 'I have been doing this work for thirteen years'.

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