In the sentence "Solch Nähe zu Tieren hilft den Kindern" (Such proximity to animals helps the children), why is "solch" not inflected to match the gender of "Nähe?" (making it "solche"). Is "solch" not in the attributive position, or have I missed something entirely different? Thanks in advance.

July 17, 2012


For now, all you need to know is that you can choose whether to inflect solch or not. If you inflect, any adjectives following it take weak endings; if you do not inflect, any adjectives following it take strong endings.

The reasoning behind this is way above my pay grade, but you can read up on it on page 104 of The Noun Phrase in Romance and Germanic Structure, Variation, and Change, by Antonia Petronella Sleeman, Harry Perridon (available at Google Books).

@Nachdenklich: In the example you gave, 'Solche Nähe' would also be correct. I'd actually prefer it in this case as 'solch Nähe' has a bit of a poetic vibe to it that doesn't really match the content. A third possibilty would be 'solch eine Nähe'. pfurzaititalia has already given a reference. For a short overview and some examples you can look here:

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