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  5. "Kamu minum itu."

"Kamu minum itu."

Translation:You drink that.

April 8, 2019



What is the infinitive verb of drink? How is it conjugated?


Conjugation doesn't exist in Indonesian. That's one of the good part of the language :-)


The base word is "minum".

Verbs are not conjugated.
Singular/plural/present tense/past tense , it's all the same.


You should add time terms if you want to know 'when i drink that'.

For examples: "Saya minum kemarin." means I drank yesterday. (Past)

"Saya minum sekarang." means I drink now. (Present)

"Saya minum nanti." means I will drink later. (Future)

And also for verb-ing: "Saya sedang minum sekarang." means I am drinking now. (Present Cont.)

"Saya sedang minum kemarin." means I was drinking yesterday. (Past Cont.)

So, if it just "Saya minum" we will never know when exactly 'when i drink that' except we ask him. But, usually "Saya minum" can be assosiated to Present terms, either Simple Present or Present Continuous (even without "sekarang" terms).


What's the difference between "minum" and "meminum" ?


They are basically have the same meaning. But we rarely use meminum (affix version of minum) when we speak. We use minum. Meminum is usually used in written language /formal contexts


And also. I asked this question a long time ago, and I've been told that when you have a complement, it's ok to use "meminum", it's more formal.

Saya meminum susu.

But without a complement, it's better to say "Saya minum".


Kamu minum itu=you drink that


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