"Your younger brother is known by a lot of people."

Translation:Adikmu dikenal banyak orang.

April 8, 2019



Why shouldn't I use "oleh" here? Leading to "Adikmu dikenal oleh banyak orang."

April 8, 2019


It's a question I ask, too. For me, it makes sense: (i) if 'oleh' is implied - through a given context - here; it doesn't make sense to omit 'oleh' (ii) because what is the fuller context?

Let's explore.

Looking at the relationship between 'dikenal [...] banyak orang', we see that many people know something; and they know 'your younger brother'. Therefore, reporting this to the '-mu' we get: "known by a lot of people". hence, why the 'oleh' might not be obligatory.

July 24, 2019
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