"Julia and Neha are beautiful."

Translation:जूलिया और नेहा सुंदर हैं।

April 8, 2019

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Why is sundar not conjugated as a feminine plural adjective?


Many adjectives that end with a vowel (आ / ए / ई) can be changed to end in the others to suit the subject of the sentence (like अच्छा / अच्छे / अच्छी) but verbs ending in consonants are treated without gender and are the same for all subjects, सुंदर will always be सुंदर regardless of who you're talking about.


Thank you. So adjectives and nouns agree in number and gender and verbs ending in vowels also do, but verbs ending in consonants don't. Is this correct?


Pretty sure you meant adjectives, like सुंदर in which case yes, there does seem to be a general rule there. If an adjective ends with a consonant there isn't a way to conjugate it, so yes.


That was helpful. Thanks!


Is it uncommon/incorrect to use the habitual होती हैं form here? I.e. "जूलिया और नेहा सुंदर होती हैं।"

Unless we're just talking about right now (and insinuating that they normally aren't beautiful).


does sunder also mean "gold"?


Question started with julia still the answer too started with julia

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