Where did the new tree go? I'm back at the old tree again.

I have to admit, I did have mixed feelings about the new tree, mainly because some of my progress on the old tree wasn't evident on the new one, but overall I enjoyed the new lessons and have been doing them these past few days. However, today I visited Duolingo and saw the old tree instead. So my question is...what is going on?

April 8, 2019


Your "extended Duolingo profile" shows:

  • num_classrooms: 1

You need to leave the (empty) classroom as it is not compatible with A/B trees.

April 8, 2019

Oh so that's why. I created the classroom because the FAQ says all Tips and Notes can be accessed from there.

April 8, 2019

Quote: because the FAQ says all Tips and Notes can be accessed from there.

You can access the most updated contributor grammar notes here:

April 8, 2019

So that's how people can switch back and forth between the two versions? By creating and deleting a classroom? That would be nice actually because I can see the merits of both versions.

April 8, 2019

Khoa... That is what i do to switch back and forth.

Overall I prefer the most recent tree... I actually waited and kept tree 2 for a long time to finish my 2nd owl. I was going to stay longer, but curiosity got the best of me and deleted my class to get the newest tree. I was shocked to see my 2 golden owls disappear, and like most people most of my progress seemed to have disappeared. But I kept an open mind and switched between the two for a few days. For now I have decided to stay with the newest tree and finish the tree to level 1.

The merits of tree 2! Then back to tree 2 to just get a refresher and level up all the VERB skills. Verb conjugation is my biggest weakness. I will then go back again to the newest tree to work on the overall tree, but I plan on continuing to come back to tree 2 to work on my Verb skills.

April 8, 2019


Well, unfortunately it doesn't help me really when I want to stay on my (A/B) contributor tree3 (96 skills), not tree2 :-(

April 8, 2019

@Thomas.Heiss It seems that tree12 has become the stable tree for Duolingo Classroom, I've just discovered that.

April 10, 2019


Thanks for letting me know.

I can confirm that I am now on the new EN->French tree12 with 156 skills.

Interestingly, I also received the new PT->EN reverse tree (108 skills):$comment_id=31671189

For both tree updates I have not received any e-mail or popup notification message. This is very weird.

I think I might do some lessons on my existing (shorter) PT->FR tree from time to time in the next 2-3 years before I will really start with the new EN->FR or EN->SP trees as they are quite long.

I am almost sure there will be another 2-3 French tree updates in the next years hopefully adding back some of the dedicated grammar skills (e.g bottom) which were there on our great contributor tree3...
......until ever being able to reach this point in hopefully completing any French tree.

April 10, 2019

@Thomas.Heiss Well, that was quite crazy when they showed no pop ups. I don't think they're going to add back the contributor's skills in the future, as Duo seems to be moving from contributors' courses to experts' courses in every language :))) And I think it might be safer for users to stay inside a classroom as they're not going to get any sudden A/B trees and have enough time to complete the full tree. But it's true that contributors' grammar skills really work, at least to an extent. Not so long ago, when I just finished some last grammar skills of the old tree, I took a placement test in Kwqizz and I was taken to B1 level in grammar (of course there's much to improve, but it was a surprise). And most of the old trees contents lies from "Grammar" to the end of the tree (with additional new words) - I have seen a lot of familiar sentences of old trees there, so there is still room for grammar practice, but just on the condition that you've learned these grammar in the old trees. I think fully new users would find those grammar skills incomprehensible (no explanations at all, some users have commented that in discussions of Verbs 5 skill)

April 11, 2019

Well i always enjoy the challenge.

April 8, 2019

What do you mean?

April 8, 2019
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