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New website has word rows not visible in chrome

Any exercise that has three rows of suggested words gets cut off and I can't see the third row. Zooming the browser in/out or unpinning the window didn't help or reveal any scroll bars. It seems like there is a locked fixed pixel count that gets floated over by the check answer, hiding content that is needed.

Is there a fix for this? For now, it's basically impossible for me to use the website in chrome.

April 8, 2019



Good news is combo bonuses are back in Android app now that we can't use the website anymore :-)


Do you use a Chrome extension such as "dark mode" or something similar? I use "dark mode" and must toggle the extension off to view the "hidden" words.


Not to my knowledge. It seems more like the layout is somehow fixed relative to the number of pixels on my screen, and I just don't have enough pixels. I'm at 1366x768, fairly middle of the road laptop. Nothing crazy archaic.

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