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"We changed her to become strong."

Translation:Kami mengubah dia menjadi kuat.

April 8, 2019



Can i say " kami berubah dia menjadi kuat."? What's the different between "mengubah" and "berubah"?


"Mengubah" needs an object (transitive), while "berubah" can't take an object (intransitive). So, "I change you" is "aku mengubahmu", but "I change" is "aku berubah".


Prefix Me- indicates that the subject is doing something to an object.

Prefix Ber- indicates that the subject is doing something to him/herself


OK, if I am not wrong, the English sentence means that "we" changed her in order for "us" to become strong. Is that really the intended meaning? Or perhaps I'm wrong about the English?


It's unclear. She could have had her arm replaced with a robots arm and sentence would be fine.


Why are there so many strange sentences in the Indonesian duolingo program?


I think it's because they're trying to illustrate the different syntax rules for Indonesian. There are some syntax rules that exist in the Indonesian but not in English, like the different prefixes for transitive and intransitive/stative verbs like this one (mengubah (transitive) vs berubah (intransitive)). They just aren't doing a very good job at choosing the sentences, mostly because many of these rules aren't used often in English while used extensively in Indonesian.


So she used to be weak

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