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Going back and forth between laptop and phone platforms

The XP I am earning on my laptop version of Duolingo are not being credited toward my daily XP for the Ruby League on my Android phone app. This problem only started today, I've been able to go back and forth between the two platforms previously. Help!

April 8, 2019

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It seems that as part of the Leagues update, since the Android version doesn't have it (at least not for mine yet), it doesn't add your mobile-earned XP to the Leagues. Yeah, kinda irritating because I'm still waiting for mobile and desktop to just be exactly the same, but its not a huge deal if you use the desktop version mostly. I'm just glad the overall progress and XP still syncs together. Aloha!

Edit: It seems my Android app has now updated to add leagues in, so it should sync with the latest update!

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