"Sri mengganti gaunnya dengan yang biru."

Translation:Sri is changing her dress with the blue one.

April 8, 2019

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OK, one question though...

What does that mean?

Having looked at the hints rather than the main answer, I guess "switching for" would be better?

Another edit: OK, I guess "replaces with" should be the main answer.


You change your clothes, not switch them. Sri is wearing a dress but wants to wear a different dress (the blue one) so she changes her dress. Change is almost always used when you are dressed but need to "change into" other clothes. A small point - she would change her dress FOR the blue one is better than with the blue one.


I have no clue what the English is trying to say!


Or, if this means she is returning her dress to the store and getting the other one, it could be "exchanging... with", but I am not sure mengganti means that as well.

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