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Hindi music and movies

Hi Guys, i make big preparation before my travel to north India. I start to learn Hindi and i read a lot about Indian culture. I would like to know more. Can you recommend me some classic popular Hindi music and movies? I looking for something from pop culture, things which every Indian know.

April 9, 2019



Movies of Shah Rukh Khan for pop culture, songs of Lata Mangeshkar, Kishore Kumar and Mohammed Rafi for classics. In sports, Cricket is most popular. Hope these will be useful for you


Thanks for your recommendation. Kishore Kumar is the best :D


Hi where are you from? I love indian culture my wish is to visit india, I also love indian movies I recommend you of watching student of the year, kick


Hi, I'm from India. It's great to see that Indian movies are popular overseas.


Yes indeed they are popular. They deserve to be popular


Hi, thanks for recommendation. :) I'm from Poland.


I´m also a hindi music fan, in particular the punjabi music (Bhangra music), you can search on Spotify, in personally recommend you the playlist of Desi Hits or Bhangra Bangers.

Not worry if you not have Spotify, yo can search as well in Youtube, one of my favore indian singers ar Arijit Singh, A.R. Rahman and punjabi MC.


Punjabi music can't be too helpful if your aim is to learn Hindi...

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