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  5. "We require new boots."

"We require new boots."

Translation:DaSmey chu' DIpoQ.

April 9, 2019



I used, "wIpoQ." Sometimes I'd rather be marked wrong, than passed with a typo. Especially on the pronomial pronoun questions.


I suppose Duo has a hard time figuring out that that is a possible word as well (which should be marked wrong rather than a typo) since we stuck together DIpoQ from DI + poQ, so it doesn't know wIpoQ as a single unit in its vocabulary.

The joys of an agglutinating language -- either you need a vocabulary of really many items, or you run into corner cases such as this which reveal that Duo isn't really designed for much more than languages which "look like English" more or less.


I thought that it might be something like that. Thanks. Just gotta memorize those pronouns!

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