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  5. "Until we all meet again."

"Until we all meet again."

Translation:A hui hou kākou.

April 9, 2019



How am i meant to know this already


I think this is meant to show after kākou and "a hui hou kāua". But I did notice there were questions where new words weren't being highlighted.


Sometimes kāua and then kakou which is it,?


kāua is you and I (2 people, speaker inclusive) kākou is you and you and I (3 or more people, speaker inclusive)

So the "all" in the prompt here (Until we ALL meet again) suggests more than 2 people. If it were just "until we meet again," it could be either.


Does the "A" have any significance? Why is it different from just "Hui hou kakou"?


Difference between a hui hou kaua, and, a hui hou kakou? Said both was until we meet again, but this question said i was wrong when i answered with kaua.


Kaua is you and I, just the two of you. Kakou is for more than one person, perhaps that is why

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