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My High Valyrian Tree Just Updated!

I don't know how many versions of this tree exist, but I now have five new skills at the bottom of the tree: Passive, Nature, Clothing, Emotions, and Valence. Along with the recently recorded audio, I'm feeling more motivated than ever to learn this language.

What a great way to start the final season! Kirimvose, Dedalvs and Duolingo.

April 9, 2019



Thank you for your Update!! I was a little bit disapponted to have already reached Level 20 but only 4 skills left to learn :D But now I can go on! Thanks


Jiōrna! I'm learning it, I want to use this language for a personal goal. Tell me: Do u have a chat for valyrian? I want to practice too with real people. Maybe a chat of xat.com can serve us. Maybe a hangout to practice... hmm


There is a discord server of people learning HV. There is also a channel where you are only allowed to speak HV :D . Here is an invite link, but it only works for one day: https://discord.gg/y3hT5X
Just tell if you still want to join , but the link doesn't work anymore, thats no problem


Agreed! Isn't it wonderful?

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