Ancient Greek - PLEASE apply on Incubator to develop a new course!

I posted this comment on a separate thread from 5 years ago, which has over 800 upvotes and 200 comments. But maybe a new post will get noticed more easily...

If anyone wants to collaborate on this, please apply on the Incubator:

Also, you can follow the initiative on Facebook ( and join the Facebook Group (

I've applied. But I assume they probably need several requests, from qualified candidates, in order to start a new incubator. I'd blow through this all by myself, if they'd let me.

I imagine the Modern Greek course could be used as a template. Maybe there are compatibility issues with polytonic Greek keyboards. I can envision many challenges to overcome, but no deal-breakers.

In my opinion, such a course should ideally be based in Attic Greek (using vocabulary & grammar from the Italian edition of Athenaze, for example). But Koine and Homeric forms could be included - to cast a wider net.

I already have a ton of Ancient Greek resources in a database (glossaries, declension tables, conjugation tables) which I can easily export into delimited data format - assuming that this may be useful for developing a Duolingo course.

PS - I have several Greek courses on my Memrise account, for anyone interested:

April 9, 2019


I hope it does take off. Attic or Koine is fine with me. Perhaps different skills to cover both? I just want to try to keep up my OU Greek and I took on Modern Greek in Duo but it's not ideal.

April 9, 2019

You can follow the initiative on Facebook ( and join the Facebook Group (

April 17, 2019

PS - any chance of Latin as well?

April 9, 2019

Latin is already in the works (currently Phase 1):

April 9, 2019
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