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"We eat and we drink and we are happy."

Translation:maSop 'ej matlhutlh 'ej maQuch.

April 10, 2019



Is it grammatically correct in Klingon to use 'ej twice in a single sentence in this manner? I thought I'd read (probably in boQwI') that only the final conjunction was needed when joining multiple sentences or clauses. (Of course, even though this practice isn't strictly grammatically correct in English either, lots of people still do it.) :-)


I strongly believe that the use of multiple conjunctions is at least acceptable. Personally, I think it is best practice and I don't like the use of just one conjunction in front of the last clause at all. I think it feels too English and creates too much opportunity for confusion. However, there are sentences in canon where clauses are joined only with a conjunction before the final clause, so I have to accept that as a possibility also. You will never see me write a sentence that way in this course or anywhere else.


Canon gives us the forms:

S1 conj S2

S1, S1, conj S3

conj S1 (conjoining with a previous sentence after the fact)

conj... (prompting someone to continue, supplying them with a conjunction)

where S is any verbal clause of the same syntax (main clauses, purpose clauses, etc.).

So far as I know, we have never seen "S1 conj S2 conj S3." (I have not done an exhaustive check.) I doubt Klingons would particularly care whether you do it or not.


Good points all, gentlemen. Satlho' 'ej majQa'!

@David: Your second canonical format example should probably be "S1, S2, conj S3," qar'a'?

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