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Not happy about Duo taking away my skill tree

I get that they are trying to make the skill tree more robust, but after having it completed for several years, and working towards level three for everything, to not even have the first checkpoint passed is very demotivating. At least give me level 1 on everything duo, if I had it all completed and am lvl 25.

April 10, 2019



Truly horrid. Apparantly I have to learn how to say hello again... thought I'd got that one when I got to level 25 years ago


I had a fully golden tree, (still not level 25 because of the 20 XP cap update) and now I have almost a full level 0 tree with double the skills, still not sure if it's worth finishing again. I'm sad, but happy for new skills :D



I'm sure the new content is great, but there had to be a better way to update than erase all progress? I was level 5 halfway up my tree, but have to start on level 1 on the first skill now? That's crazy.


What the crap?!? I was on level 5 for most skills and now my tree is level 0 for everything?!? You’ve got to be kidding me Duolingo! That is complete crap!


I feel like the last three months were a waste of time. Now I'm back to "Bonjour" again. Sigh.


That. Duo want to be a game and not "just" a textbook, but this brings frustration that a textbook would not...


Is this the riot thread? I've got my torch and pitchfork -- let's do this!

But seriously though ... was level 5 all the way to the last section prior to the change ... and now I have to take five tests for each skill I already know... very frustrating...


That's even worse than my story, I was about halfway through. You are like Sisyphus, you had that rock just about to the top of the mountain.


I had nice terraced progress that was up to level one halfway up, but level three at the bottom, and now it's all gone. Even testing into the levels I lost (which is a joke; the tests for levels 1-3 of the early skills have been identical so far), it's going to take like a month to get back to where I was.

I get that they're trying to add more content, which is great, but wtf. It doesn't feel like "new" content, just "spread out so we could frustratingly erase all your progress" content.


We were at same start line. Same streaks~


Duo tells me I'm at level 14, but now my progress is deleted and I have to start again - very unsatisfactory. The same happened with my Spanish course a while back.

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