"She is smiling."


April 10, 2019

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How do you know who is smiling? The sentence is just one word meaning "is smiling"


The verb is conjugated (-is is the third person singular ending for this type of verb), so you know it's either he or she. It could be either, but usually a sentence like this would be in a context that makes it clear whether it's he/she.


Do you have all the conjugations of this verb? At the moment, I only know līris and līrisi


The conjugations will eventually be explained in the tips, and for all of the conjugations of the verb, you can look at the verb tables on the wiki. But if you don't want spoilers, here are the "present tense active indicative" forms of līrigon:

  • līrin "I am smiling"
  • līrī "you (singular) are smiling"
  • līris "s/he is smiling"
  • līrī "we are smiling"
  • līrīt "you (plural) are smiling"
  • līrisi "they are smiling"


I just started learning this language and I am already deeply confused


I think the answer missed a "she" in Valyrian.


The "she" is implicit. High Valyrian often forgoes subject pronouns such as I, we, you, she, they, etc. because they're indicated by the verb ending.

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