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"We are always ready to fight and never afraid to die."

Translation:reH maSuvrup 'ej not maHeghvIp.

April 10, 2019



In this one, the response the clue gives it HeghvIp, not 'maHeghvIp', because the English translation doesn't say 'we are never afraid to die', it just say 'never afraid to to die'. You might want to clear that up!


I see a hint maHeghvIp attached to "we are ... never afraid to die".

If it doesn't display for you, I'd call that a Duo bug.

However, the hint looks a bit odd. I'll see whether deleting and re-creating it might help.

Hm... not much better.

I think this may be a limitation of multi-word hints where the words are not all adjacent.

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