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Thank you Duolingo for the new French content.

I have been waiting months for this as my son by luck had got it as Beta test so I knew what was available.

Even though yesterday I had everything at level 4 and a lot at level 5 (Gold) and have dropped back to lower levels on most subjects I am very excited to get into the new material.

Thank you.

You have made my day!

April 10, 2019



It's amazing, sad that people complain about losing their gold lessons instead of being more worried of their language level. XP points, golden lessons and etc does not make you more fluent automatically. More updates like this please!


I could not agree more. People are completely missing the point of the gamification element of Duolingo. It is not an end in itself. It is there to get those that would otherwise find language learning a bit dull motivated enough to stay on board and do their daily practice. If you don't think you can learn anything new from the "La pomme est rouge." lessons, just don't do them, or at least not to a gold level. I too lost most of my progress (I was on skill 71, most of them golden), but I am super happy to get new content because this is what I am here for.


In order to progress one must remain motivated. Positive updates are welcome but throwing out the baby with the bathwater is a disaster. I hope people vote with their feet and find an alternative.


I get it but the crowns sort of force them into this way of releasing new stuff. If it just stayed gold how would you know if there was new stuff?

Just stick with it and know that repetition is the way to learn, it reinforces the neuron connections in your brain.

If you feel you know it then just test it out.

Vote with your feet but the grass is always greener on the other side until you get familiar with the new thing and then get annoyed when they make a change and you want to move onto the next thing.

Personally I feel Duolingo is doing a good job so I will stick with it.


The lessons tell you at what level you proceeded, what skills you lacked, and let you decide how you plan your study. I have a pathological hatred for being forced to do all the boring Where are you from? stuff from scratch even though most of my levels were 4 or 5 and I already reached B1, at least. And now I don't know which skill I should take, since the content of the tree has drastically changed.


Do the ones that look new and peek your interest.


I am happy about the new content and I don’t care much about the progress meters that have been deleted — what I care about is that level 5 work has been dropped back down to level 0 work, so I’m spending time working through Hello and Goodbye. I’m testing out of levels, but it’s time consuming trying to get to whatever this new content is going to reveal. That’s what is frustrating to me.


I understand this completely, I feel like a nice dossier of what's been added for those of us who had all of it all gold! On the other side - the new tree is a complete redesign of the old one and there are too many small changes to count. I've just counted 6 units with People in the title which is more than I recall from the last tree and different from what I've seen before on Duolingo.


Just test it out if you know it all.


You're finding new words? Perhaps they should put them in a few circles and not put one new word per several lessons because I've worked though tons of these new circles the last few days and I'm finding MASSIVE redundancy of stuff I already know without finding many crumbs of new. Just went though another circle of 5 lessons - brand new circle, with nothing new in it. Not a good way to add new words DUO - especially if 98% of the added it isn't new. Just redundant.

I'm beginning to think this is to make it last longer to keep people longer? I have no idea what the point of this is. They used to add new words with new circles, but this one is NOTHING like previous additions.


My approach to going back to old skills in the new tree is to start doing the lessons until I feel like it's shown me all the new stuff it's going to show me, and then I test out of the skill. I think any new vocab is going to show up in the first level, so if you get to the end of it and you haven't learned anything new, just test out. If I learn new stuff on the first level, I will generally keep progressing through the skill until I feel like I'm comfortable with the new stuff.


You can test out the skill at once at the end of the course.


I would say don't do those exercises then if you are on top of it just go further down the tree until you feel you are learning.

Personally I've been all gold once and had crowns all orange (level 4) and over half gold just before the update. I am finding that doing purple exercises at the top of the is tree beneficial as there is new material and material I haven't done for some time. I also do some from the middle and bottom for variety.


I have found it somewhat tedious too. Three comments. (1) Remember not everyone has gone completely through the Skill Tree like you and I have. That means there are people starting this skill for the first time and may need the redundancy to help. So, it's a PITA for you and me, but helpful for newbies. (2) It's a little more time consuming, but I've been testing out of the lower level skills, starting back at the beginning of the tree. To get one skill badge golden again, I might have to test out of 5 (or so) skill levels. So I'm spending longer each day. (3) There are quite a few completely new Skill Badges (Habits, Groceries, Routine, City, etc.) to break up the monotony.


If you have done 3 or more units in a row without breaking a sweat... you should be using checkpoints or pacing yourself to grind xp


I like it too.

I guess we are minority lol


I already completed my French tree twice (once with the original version, then the crown version), and I'm ready to do it a third time! Thanks, Duolingo, for giving us new content!! :-)


Yesss !! I don’t know why people complain about the most insignificant stuff. New learning content is always great !!


Some people need more motivation than just learning a language, I guess. At least Duolingo can begin to sort out the ones who are here to learn and those who are here to game...maybe.

If nothing else it's a chance to "suck it up, buttercup" and look at what is really important.


Yes! I finally got my new French tree yesterday. It's good to see that some of us are excited for the new material.


I got it yesterday around 4:30 EST! Thank you, Duolingo.

[deactivated user]

    Yes, I’m very happy with that. I also couldn’t care less for crowns, xps and whatever, as my goal here is learning and not collecting trophies. I’m anxiously awaiting now for new French stories!


    Glad you are excited for the new content! Explanation about the new French tree here.


    Yes I saw that after creating the post. Thanks for adding it to the thread, it gives a good explanation.


    I like that this new version has "type what you hear" lessons for letters and letter combinations. I've always had problems with French sounds.


    It is not about lost rewards. It is much more about the lost progress. After 5 month learning French I was yesterday dropped back to the very first lesson. Maybe the new tree is much better than the old one, but I am so upset, that I did not try it yet. I have to start everything from zero.


    Just get back into it jump around the tree (some hard, some easy each day) and continue learning. You can test it out if you really want to rip through the crowns. My rule on the reverse tree was test it out until I got to a point where I didn't understand something and then did the exercises one by one.

    Going back may make you see how much you have learned.

    Good luck.


    Je suis heureuse d'avoir plus à pratiquer. Merci beaucoup Duo !


    I am beyond happy with the new content! So much of the new content is more like my native french with her astounding varieties! The audio is phenomenal! MUY BUENO! I have also just finished five lessons with scattered phoneme lessons similar to the first levels in the Hindi and Hungarian. This is crucial for the basics and I'm so happy to see it executed so well. This was an enormous hurdle I neglected in most of my languages and suffered from it. My pen pal has been doing the first bit of French on and off for a while now but I'm gonna hype her about this new tree and I hope she can give great insights to how this tree worked. I was ngl kinda peeved with Duo in the past bit, feeling like there was nothing worth subscribing and all the mobile incentives to pay.... Now however I'm well plied with a whole new tree quiet me for a couple weeks ;)
    A+ Duo Team, I can't state my thanks enough!


    Yes the more I do of it the more I like it. Pronunciation, word pairs introducing new words etc.

    The whole tree has new stuff. Thanks Duo this gets rid of my worry that once you have a gold tree what should you choose to do? Now I don't have to worry about that as there is loads to do!


    It's not about the golds. My french is more than ok so why oh why why would I want to go back to the basics when I have reached subjunctives????

    I give up


    Don't give up it is all about how much your brain is learning.

    If you honestly feel that you know a topic back to front then just test it out and you'll be through the levels in no time (well may be a few weeks!).

    However what I find [having been fully gold in the pre-crowns format and all gold and level 4 (orange) in the crowns (yesterday!)] is that I am coming across grammar and sentence structures in the new format that I have not done before so if you want to gets loads of XP fast and get the crown colours test it all out.

    BUT if you want to learn the language just work through the exercises. You can jump around the tree. Do some easy at the top and some hard at the bottom of the tree and learn that way.

    The new subject matter is integrated into lots of subjects so you will come across it in many places.

    Just stick with learning not XP gaining/Crown gaining and do the Stories along with Tiny Cards Duolingo French tree as well.


    I think the new lessons are definitely better in teaching the basics of verb conjugation etc. With the old tree I found my knowledge of verbs to be very sketchy, e.g. you become familiar with one or two conjugations of a verb, but not all of them, and you've still never seen the infinitive. With the new tree, they're clearly making more of an effort to complete your knowledge of verbs. For example, introducing the infinitive "pleuvoir," to rain. In the previous tree, you'd know "il pleut" almost without thinking of it being a regular verb with conjugations and an infinitive.


    Personally, I am enjoying the new French tree and find all the constant complaining demoralizing.

    I think maybe Duolingo should put in their guidelines about constant complaints about everything.

    Sometimes the Discussion is nothing but complaining.

    I had finished my French tree a year or so ago and was working on getting it all up to crown level 5. I got my new updated French tree a few days ago and yeah, it's lost all its gold. I started all over at the beginning. It didn't bother me.

    I learned a lot of this stuff many decades ago in school. There is a saying, "Use it or lose it."

    If you get tired, just move to another language or another skill. That's what I do.

    People kept asking if they'd be "fluent" when they finished the old tree. Well, with the new tree, they'd be at level A2.

    So what do they want? Fluency, or just a golden owl, and gold skills?

    You can draw a picture of an owl and color it and post it on your wall at home.

    And even make lingots yourself from clay or rocks and paint them red.

    You can also make a Duo cake and a Duo stuffed toy.


    I have to admit I'm kind of annoyed that all my work is gone, but I'm glad that someone is enjoying the update


    I was kind of hoping to be able to get my entire tree up to 3 crowns, even though I figured that might take me as long as a year.

    Now I have to redefine my daily activities. Not sure what they'll be quite yet, I'll probably start out by seeing how many of the new tree nodes I can test up to level 1.

    The overall goal remains the same, learning French. I'm actually somewhat excited by the new tree being better tuned to the CEFR exam, as I'd like to be able to take and pass the A2 exam some day, possibly in 2020. (I'll have to make a trip to do it, probably to Chicago.)

    My wife asked me why I want to pass the A2 exam. That's easy, it is a measurable goal that has a fairly wide acceptance level. (And passing it is something that DuoLingo can't take away from me!)


    I assume the update are the giant 2 checkpoints full of new lessons? I was one lesson away from a checkpoint when my computer updated and now have to complete these whole two checkpoints before I can move forward onto the next. I'm glad they forced me to stop continuing because I know I'd be missing out on crucial lessons if I had just kept going.


    I've been concentrating on Italian so I only just cottoned on to the new French material. Yes, It's really good! I like the new approach where you have to listen to an explanation then choose the correct answer.

    Many improvements have been made, and if I've lost a few virtual raspberry drops or whatever, it doesn't matter. What matters is that it's a better way to learn.

    I just hope that a similar thing happens to the Italian course.


    I wish we had some warning that content would be updated. I'd just reached level 4 in all the 'topic' lessons and intended to go back to reach that level in verbs and reach level 5 in the topics. Now I feel I've lost track of that progress.


    @sitesurf My problem is that i had completed several levels and with the new update, all my completed subjects with the GOLD mark turned to blue (no more gold marks). Also, there's a lot of repetition across each level and it's largely time wasting to be honest. I can only feel like i've truly completed my learning when all my subjects turn into GOLD. PLEASE ADJUST THE SYSTEM SO IT DOES NOT REQUIRE LINGOTS TO SKIP A LEVEL. This will be very helpful as i'm starting to feel redundant repeating things I've done before and doing the same or very similar lessons within the same level repeatedly.


    Sitesurf does not control the system algorithms or the rollout of new trees. The volunteer contributors did not write the new content for Tree12.

    My suggestion for skills that are too easy or repetitive is to test out of them on the web version of Duolingo.


    Thanks for all the lingots I have passed most of them onto other comments.


    While the new tree does do more to reinforce skills, I think it goes a bit too far. Also, I do not yet find certain skils I would like to review, such as future, conditional tenses and others. I think more of a balance would be preferable, and also, as has been noted, adding, while also reinforcing, new vocabulary. Much is too redundant. This is my impression thus far. I agree that this takes too much time on already known words.


    This is why I say, people need to buy specific-language-skill-sets, with their lingots. Duolingo-DLC basically. Where are my french curse words?!?

    There are of course tons of sites out there, but Duolingo is so practically I wish they would release more features faster!


    I love it. I've been through the tree once and was working my way through it a second time so the added content is very welcome. I tend to learn through repetition so a lot of redundancy works for me too.


    Duolingo is explaining that they are following a CEFR format for skills, taking us to level A2, which is still beginner. This means that you can become a more proficient or confident beginner! I guess that is why some of the previous skills are no lonnger there. Still, I would like more of a balance, and more vocoabulary and intermediate skills included, rather than so much rehashing. It is good that new skills are included, and emphasis is on mastery. I just would like to see a bit more, at least to the level as was before. Especially since the tree is so much longer!

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