New User "Could not connect to Duolingo. Try starting the session again."

New User, iOS app with iOS version 12.2, but cannot connect at all to lessons. It says the above error when selecting Beginner, then loads the tree, try first lesson, and get the error again but goes back to the learning tree. Selecting the placement test went down the same road.

Tried this in Japanese, German, And Klingon for the fun of it. All with the same issues.

Opened first lesson on same mobile device and Wifi through Safari and worked fine. Attempted deleting and re-downloading the app, but problems persisted. Attempted running through LTE with full connection and had the same problem.

Enabled Push Notifications, Verified Email address, anything else I should try out? Not running any ad blockers for the record.

-edit- Since I'm new I can't reply to my own troubleshooting post, so I need to edit it in. Thanks for letting me know it's a known issue. Searching via latest and through new posts didn't seem to have much detail or had older issues that didn't really get solved, or at least a confirmation it was solved. Reported the bug with a screenshot.

April 10, 2019


There are currently more complaints about this issue. Fortunately, you discovered the workaround via Safari.

You might submit a bug report via

April 10, 2019

Users complain that they cannot switch between leagues and clubs? They can by switching "Make my profile public" here on and off. Sorry if you already knew this, I only noticed that yesterday.

April 11, 2019

Thanks Steffi!

I had noticed that feature, but I did not know that we can use it for switching between Leagues and Clubs.

April 11, 2019
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