I finished the Swedish skill tree!!!

So Excited!!!

April 10, 2019


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I've just started with Swedish. It is a beautiful language.

How would you describe level of your competence after finishing the tree?

April 10, 2019

Thanks! I'm happy that you've decided to learn Swedish as well. I would say my competence has gradually improved throughout this entire process. My memory is much better. I've always been pretty good at multitasking since my job requires it, but I can tell that learning a new language has made me sharper and more efficient.

In regards to fluency, I can understand most of what I read. Hearing and understanding is difficult, but like everything else it has gotten progressively better. Now that I'm finished with the skill tree I'm going to spend more time listening to Swedish tv and radio. I'm confident that it'll all start to click, just like with the reading.

Studying the app alone isn't enough though, at least not for me. I needed to create cue cards of all of the words and phrases as I went along and focus intensely on studying them daily, in additional to studying through the app. Remembering words is the easy party. Phrases and sentence structure will give you a nice kick in the butt. It's good to create a list of all of the phrases you've learned and to figure out a way to incorporate those phrases into your daily life. I take difficult sentences, make them my own, and use them often. I'm hoping this will eventually remap my brains natural tendency to place words in the order of my native language. Also working on a children's style book using all of the phrases I've learned to read nightly before bed.

I've been studying non stop for 7 months now, so I'm going to take a couple weeks off from learning any new words. Just focusing on studying what I've already learned, listening, and reading. I need a beer.

Nice! Great dedication :D

Thanks so much, means a lot

Congratulations! What an amazing achievement. Your experience really echoes my own with the Swedish course - thanks so much for sharing.

Thanks so much! It means a lot coming with people that have so much experience studying languages. Thanks for the encouragement.

Grattis!! Thanks for sharing your experience with us, you're an inspiration!

Yessss!!! Congrats, so happy for you

Thank you!! I really appreciate that

Jattebra! Jag ar bara efter dig. 21/30 pa "Business".

Tack så mycket! Utmärkt! Kämpa på!

Grattis, bra jobbat!

Bra jobbat! Podcasts can be a great way to keep what you've learned alive. Keep pushing yourself and seek out material that really interest you. Random stuff will do but finding that right thing to watch or listen to can be very motivational.

This is really great advice. Tack så mycket. As you said, I need to find something that particularly catches my interest and motivates me to keep listening. I don't know what that is yet. Hopefully it'll reveal itself soon. Again, thanks for the advice and encouragement.

Congratulations! I just started the course Swedish. As you said, the words are the easy part. I'm a native Dutch speaker and I always found that Swedish sounds like our slang, but although learning Swedish is not easy! I hope I will be as successful as you are in learning Swedish. Cross my fingers.

Thank you! Congratulations on starting Swedish! I'm certain you will be as successful, if not more successful. You're bilingual, so you already have a great advantage with language learning. Hang in there!

Grattis! Du säger att dit svenska träd är slut, men du kom fram nivå tjugofem också. Två gången grattis!

Tack! Ah yes, this is because I've spent way too much time repeating the first 20 courses over and over. It wasn't until last October that I started taking this seriously with the goal to finally finish all 66 courses. That combined with getting all 5 crowns for each course is how I reached level 25 I guess. But yeah, I took way too long to start taking this serious.

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