I'm hearing two different voices at once!

please duo lingo STOP with the double voices! they are driving us all crazy

April 10, 2019


I don't know about the 2 voices at the same time, haven't run into it. But on the reverse tree (Italian speakers learning english) the male voice is awful, haha. He sounds like a robot, and his pronunciation is off. My favorite is the way he says "milk", haha, it's pretty bad (sounds like a bleat).. maybe he has a cold.

I'm over here going.. wize he tawkin' like dat? Ayy somebody get dis guy some wattah. Need some wattah ovah hea' ; )

April 11, 2019

very funny cristoforooooooooooooo

Già, divertente! That's great news Cristoforo, I've learned to pronounce words just like that voice...oh no, ora sembrerò una pecora! :D I need a favor, tell me if you remember some words that have a bizarre pronunciation in the English course please! Also I'm thinking: wize = wise / tawkin'= talking / dis = this, am I correct? And I don't understand ovah hea' me.

Uè Emy, come va? You did very well. haha. I was joking, but he does really sound like a robot, and a few of the words are very milk. The audio on milk sounded like the battery died during the audio recording haha. There were a couple more that threw me off, but I can't remember at the moment, I'll let ya know though. But avoid the way he says milk! ;)

I joked about his pronunciation, and then threw in how I talk. NY talk. It depends on the area, but for the most part we do sound the same. They do our accents in movies, some of it is over exaggerated, but there is some truth to it haha.

dropping the r

New York = New Yawk. Over here = ovah hea'. understand = undah-stan. water = watta. mother = mudda/ma. father = faw-tha/ faw-da. river = riv-va

some more: hi/hey = ayy. why is = wize. talk = tawk. go ahead = ga' head. come on = c'mon. this = dis. that = dat. coffee = cawfee. let me = "lemme get dis one righ hea' and 2 pounds of gabbagool (capocollo/capicola) lol.

I'm going to stop now haha. I don't want to corrupt your english (you would be speaking english, but with an attitude, an extra kick) =)

Here is an example how we "tawk" compared to other places.

I love all the accents in the world. It boggled my mind, way back when I was a kid watching mary poppins (merry pawp-pins!), Willy wonka & the chocolate factory, and Crocodile Dundee. I was so used to hearing the NY Italian accent, broken english, and Napulitano, so it threw me through a loop and I discovered the world is a big place. I also discovered my roof was quite boring compared to the roofs in mary poppins, and I didn't have a fireplace to try out the umbrella trick. I tried it at a friends. "Ayy lemme get yo umbrella. watch(look) dis, watch dis. I'ma fly righ up it. any minute. watch. watch. watch.....gimme anotha one dis ones broken. Watch!" =D

O che bella notizia!!!
Io, già mi peritavo a parlare in inglese, ora sarà il caso che... taccia definitivamente!?
:-D :-D :-D
Però Cristoforoooo... potevi dirlo prima!

MT., La voce femminile suona meglio. The male voice has a few hiccups, but it's not that bad. Don't give up speaking Inglese, you can do anything you put your mind to, just try and keep with it. pratica pratica ;)

I watch her videos to learn, but it might help you as well... hearing her speak english.

e questo

Cosa ne pensi del corso di italiano(duolingo)?

Grazie Cristoforoooo! Gentilissimo!
È che qualche gaffe l'ho già fatta, sbagliando la pronuncia, ad es. sheet (foglio)... ... >_<
Preferirei evitarne altre! :-D :-D

In Italiano è meno affidabile la voce femminile. Spesso è sbagliata l'intonazione ( Le frasi sono pronunciate con tono interrogativo anche quando non si tratta di domande), e l'accento di alcune parole, solo che... cambiando l'accento, cambia il significato della parola.
Es. Leggere:

  • Lèggere -> to read

  • Leggère -> not heavy, light, slight


  • Séguito-> continuation/follow-up/sequel /appeal/following/entourage /la 1a persona singolare del presente indicativo del verbo seguitare (to continue)

  • Seguìto -> participio passato del verbo seguire (follow/chase ).


  • Sùbito -> immediately,at once, now

  • Subìto ->undergo, withstand, endure.

Continuerò a segnalarli... prima o poi saranno corretti! ;-D

Ciao Cristoforo...mmmiiiiiiilK ahaha : D Mamma mia che bella lista! Ti ringrazio mille. Magari prossimamente ti chiederò anche qualcos'altro, perché ultimamente sto traducendo dei testi di canzoni pieni di parole strane, ma è proprio utile, lo consiglio anche a te. Mi piace molto la seconda parte del tuo messaggio, suona anche un po' poetica (the roofs in Mary Poppins) e bravo, condivido pienamente quello che pensi e la tua apertura mentale (scusa se ho scritto in italiano ma si è fatto tardi e già dormo, l'inglese è faticoso a una certa ora). : )

It's true! A me è successa la stessa cosa ieri, negli esercizi di ascolto si sentiva sia la voce maschile che quella femminile e per di più pronunciavano frasi diverse....da diventare matti. : )

Hello Emy, maybe a nasty experience for you - but:
What a wonderful italian sentence for me!! Good to understand, and so many fine things in it: Conjunction, preposition, adverb, passive clitic, imperfetto, determiner, infinitive .... Maybe by chance, but I like that and it improves my understanding of italian! Thank you

Di niente Monica, almeno è servita a qualcosa : ) I confess that I come on here to learn English by reading your comments, it's very helpful, I discovered so many words!

mannaggia! oh nooo. =(

This is bad. I didn't know. Or I forgot.

<pre>Sùbito -> immediately, at once, now Subìto ->undergo, withstand, endure. Lèggere -> to read Leggère -> not heavy, light, slight </pre>

Cambiando l'accento, cambia il significato della parola. Non sapevo. Non sapevo. And I'm sure there are more examples out there. Things just got more difficult for me =(

Grazie per avermelo detto, MT.

Buonanotte MT e Emy

Mi dispiace! Non volevo spaventarti. :-(
In realtà, le parole omografe, non sono tante e molte sono ormai in disuso.
Ho trovato una lista di omografi, spero ti sia utile. :-)

In Italia siamo molto "elastici" ... sbagliare un accento non è un problema, ci si intende lo stesso e... si ride un po'. :-D :-D :-D

Do you do the course via the app or via a web browser?

I also try the Italian course, but via the web browser and don't hear two different voices there.

Except when I happen to be standing with the mouse on a word while the sentence is being read to me. Then I also hear two voices, because the word is also read out.

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