"They call the police."

Translation:Mereka memanggil polisi.

April 11, 2019

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What are the differences of polisi, polisian and kepolisian?


"Polisian" doesn't exist in KBBI. "Polisi" and "kepolisian" are interchangeable. But I often came across "kepolisian" along with "pihak" (a side in a dispute; a party on one side). "Pihak kepolisian" is found mostly in formal writings such as news articles and academic papers, meaning as a legal entity or as a system of the entire law enforcement. The Indonesian National Police is called "Kepolisian Negara Republik Indonesia" (shorten: POLRI).

On the other hand, "polisi" could be either "a group of police officers" (collective noun) or the same meaning as "kepolisian".


What is the difference with menelepon and memanggil?


"Menelepon" (root word: telepon) is "to make a phone call". "Memanggil" is "to summon/invite a person to somewhere" or "to call someone's name". "Memanggil polisi" could be done by phone, by fax, or by sending someone to the police station.


I really don't know, but my best guess is that menelepon refers 'make a phonecall' or similar, and memanggil is more like 'to address' someone... Dua sen saya


They call the police - mereka menelepon polisi and next They call the police - Mereka memanggil polisi. Same question different answer,if you want me to telephone the police saya so ...


je ne suis pas d'accord , memenggil = call , menelpon = téléphone

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