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  5. "I am fine."

"I am fine."

Translation:Maikaʻi au.

April 11, 2019



Okay, so in terms of grammar: when a sentence uses the adjective as a verb, the subject goes immediately after.

Do sentences in hawaiian switch this order often?


If the adjective/verb comes after a noun, it is being used as an adjective. So you will see phrases that look similar, but with the order switched, indicating a different grammar/meaning.


why is there no 'o in this sentence?? its verbless so doesnt it require an 'o?


You're not saying "a fine/good" or "the fine/good", you're saying "is/am fine/good". - maika'i is being used as a verb in this sentence. Adjectives can be used as a verb and then include the "is" in the verb. You don't need to use equating sentences with adjectives in Hawaiian.


I accidentaly put Maika'i oe and it said I was correct


How is Maika'i supposed to be pronounced?


And were was i taught this


Here, in this Skill (Greetings). What is it that you feel you haven't been taught? The software should have introduced the word "maika'i" before giving you this sentence. It should have also introduced the word "au" before giving you this sentence. Unfortunately the Tips do not include an explanation that the grammatical subject follows the verb, but Duolingo is designed to teach through examples. It is expected that you might get many sentences wrong the first time you see them, but that after a few sentences you can start to pick up the pattern that the subject follows the verb and will be able to recognize that "Maika'i au" means, "I am fine."


(Since a lot of the words are not yet pronounced in this beta version I have been meaning to mention that I learned from a group class at UH (and also the "drops.com" app which is cool and FUN!) that "au" is pronounced more like "aoooo" (wolf wail) than "ow" (like I hit my elbow).)


Wolf wail? Wait, I work with wolves and "au" sounds Nothing like their howls. Often times, what we hear on TV is nothing like their calls. Here's a pronunciation link...for the word "au" not a wolf's howl: https://www.duolingo.com/dictionary/Hawaiian/au/efbfa919c7caeb86de98ad782057b280

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