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  5. "Ich glaube, ich bin kalt."


"Ich glaube, ich bin kalt."

April 11, 2013



I am still a little bit confused about the order in German sentence. Can this example be written as "Ich glaube, ich kalt bin" ?


The full form is "Ich glaube, dass ich kalt bin". "Dass" requires the special word order of the subordinate clause, so "bin" goes to the end of the clause.

The short colloquial form is without "dass" and also with a normal word order: Ich glaube, ich kalt bin.

By the way, as far as I know, "ich bin kalt" means "I am cold" not in the sense of "I am freezing", but rather "I am frigid" or "I am distant". To tell that you are freezing, you'll have to say "Mir ist kalt" in German.

Let the native speakers correct me if I'm wrong.


I'm not native but I know this is right. I just hope people understand that this is the meaning of the sentence when they read this . . . or they just look at this discussion. :)

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