"Questo lo offriva la casa."

Translation:This was on the house.

April 11, 2013

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The Italian made him an offer he couldn't refuse so he had to give up his house ;)


I don't understand the Italian or the English for this sentence. Could someone please clarify?


I just can't make sense of this sentence. Should the 'lo' be 'gli' since 'the house was offering this to him'?


Duolingo's point is in the idiom "on the house"; that pronoun changes the intended meaning a bit.

  • Questo offriva la casa: This is what the house was offering
  • Questo gli offriva la casa: This is what the house was offering to him
  • Questo lo offriva la casa: This was on the house (it was free / a homage).

The personal pronoun after the demonstrative pronoun doesn't seem correct when analyzing the sentence, but it's used quite a bit to stress the subject: "questo lo dici tu" (this is what you say / this is only your version), "questa pagina la leggo io" (I am going to read this page / leave this page to me).


That makes much more sense now! Thank you.

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