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Duolingo for Schools only displays in English? Log-in instructions only in English too.

This has been happening for several months. Duolingo for Schools will only display in English, despite each attempt to change the site language to Japanese. I used to be able to switch between Japanese and English quite fine. But it has stopped working for the past couple of months.

It is a new school year now, and I want to print off my class roster sheets in Japanese like I did last year. The youth here have very poor ICT skills (OECD ranks Japan as one of the lowest in the world), and demonstrating how to log in with the provided username and password displayed in their native tongue would help me immensely. Why is the site only displaying in English? If 75% of my kids could figure out a username and password on their own, this wouldn't be such a big issue...but it is.

This has nothing to do with my language account settings. I can easily switch between those when I'm not using Duolingo for Schools. This is a SPECIFIC PROBLEM with Duolingo for Schools.

I've put off creating new class rosters for awhile because you can only print them off once and I want to do it correctly in Japanese the first time. This has really been a headache for me, and I think it is a system bug on your end. I've even resorted to accessing the Schools page from other machines based in Japan, but no cigar. Duolingo for Schools ALWAYS displays in English. THIS DID NOT USED TO BE THE CASE.

Why is this the case, and when will this be fixed?

Image attachment: https://pasteboard.co/I9IanKF.gif

EDIT: Updated image attachment.

April 11, 2019



This issue has been fixed! Thank you! :)


Currently, the teacher ....

Please, ....


I am quite aware of all the points you have mentioned. As per my original post, I am not trying to recover a classroom roster. It is a new school year and I am creating new classrooms. I want to create that roster in Japanese like I did last year, but the forced English interface is preventing me from doing so. I have already filed a bug report yesterday, and I have moved the post as per your suggestion.

Please kindly refer to the following animation that demonstrates the issue: https://pasteboard.co/I9IanKF.gif

EDIT: I should have clarified in regards to bullet point number three, it does indeed print off instructions in Japanese, but it does not provide the individualized username and password via that method. This makes it an ill-equipped work around. I realize that the roster with passwords can only be printed off once, that is why I want to do it correctly the first time.

Attachment: https://pasteboard.co/I9ImsIP.jpg

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