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translation articles

where can we choose different articles to translate besides the four on the translations page? so. annoying.

July 17, 2012



Look at someone else's stream and see what they are translating. Click on the link and off you go.


Thanks! This is a great resource while we're waiting for the new and more flexible way to select articles for translation. Most of the ones on this list look interesting to me, and they all definitely beat the seemingly unending stream of articles about cars, fashion, and luxury items that Duolingo keeps offering me....


@1km I've done what you suggest, however I now wonder if it's skewed Duolingo's idea of where I'm at, progress wise.


There's no better way to do it for now, but there's a thread at the Duolingo subreddit for exchanging articles. Only Spanish -> English articles at the moment, but feel free to contribute.



@OskaLingo - I'm not sure that's to do with picking translations from someone else's stream. I started by just translating what I was offered through the Translations menu (the basic 4) and those tagged to lessons. I progressed rapidly through the tree without doing any of the lessons. Suits me because I just need to brush up on my vocab and grammar - not learn French. But, yes, there seems to be a risk that if you do any Translations you will not be able to do all the lessons. I suppose you could open a second account if you miss any. It doesn't seem terribly consistent about the way it differentiates between lessons and translations.


Since I attained a level that suggests I try translating text, I have only been presented with articles focusing on sports stars/teams for testing my translation skills. I have no interest in these articles. How do I find a genre that interests me?

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