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You may recall the excellent website that EmmaLouG shared a few months ago. I worked through all the Autonome exercises and have started on the Avancé exercises. The one I did this morning is about compound relative pronouns and can be found here:

Exercise number 4 requires that I write something and have comrades read it. Their example was about a city. Mine is about a man. (I tried to pick an easy one. lol.)

Here are the instructions:

"Écrivez votre propre devinette en utilisant au moins 3 pronoms relatifs composés. Vous pouvez vous aussi choisir une ville ou bien vous prenez quelque chose de différent (comme par exemple un repas, un instrument, un sport, une personne, etc.). Quand vous avez fini votre devinette, cherchez plusieurs camarades qui doivent la résoudre!"

I thought I'd share my devinette with my duolingo comrades. I put the relative compound pronouns in italics and I put words that I had to look up in bold. Feel free to correct my poor grammar. Voilà ma devinette:

C’est un homme bien connu, duquel beaucoup de livres ont été écrits. Il est né dans une ferme en l'état de Virginie dans laquelle se trouvait un cerisier appartenant à son père. Certaines personnes croient qu'il a coupé cette arbre avec une hache. Cet homme est devenu un général de une grande armée, sur laquelle la naissance d’une nation dépendait. Alors, qui est cet homme?

April 11, 2019


c´est George Washington - belle histoire

je nes suis pas trop sur si on met les virgules avant la clause relative - je n´en mettrais pas.

est ce que le cerisier se trouve dans la ferme ? ou plutot dans le jardin? d´une grande armée.

bien joué

April 11, 2019

haha. la bonne réponse. merci.

En ce qui concerne les virgules, je ne suis pas sûr non plus. Mais, dans leur example la virgule est utilisé après "musée."

je ne sais pas où est le cerisier, ou si GW l'a coupé vraiment.

April 11, 2019

I've noticed that the French do seem to punctuate differently to the English, in part, maybe, because I detect that their verbal phrasing is different when they speak. Still trying to learn this...

April 11, 2019

Punctuation does seem to be language dependent. (That last bit requires a hyphen in English, for example, if it acts to modify a noun but not here.) In German, there are commas in weird places where it would never occur to an anglophone to put them. For example, "take what you will" in German is "Nimm, was du willst."

April 12, 2019

I guessed George Washington as well, even though as a brit we didn't learn about him much (being an evil rebel and all :)

April 11, 2019

For the Brits out there and others not familiar with America folklore: The cherry tree story is legend and a story told to children that teaches them not to lie. The story goes: George's father asked him if he chopped down the cherry tree, and George said, "I can not tell a lie, I chopped down the cherry tree."

April 11, 2019

Going for irony?

On the off chance that you didn't already know it, I would be remiss not to mention that we yankees also regard that evil guy in your picture as a hero, precisely because he preserved the evil union that the evil George Washington helped create.

April 11, 2019

Yes irony, sorry. That dry British humour!

Of course I know he's a hero. One man's terrorist (although GW was nothing of the sort) is another man's freedom fighter.

I hold enormous respect for the man, as do most Brits. We even have his statue prominently displayed, and with American soil underneath it to give homage to his vow that he would never stand on British soil again.

Edit: and yes. Lincoln too :)

Edit 2: and Elvis Presley, of course!

April 11, 2019

That's fascinating. I can't say we have Cornwallis' statue prominently displayed anywhere.

I wholeheartedly agree with the statement that one man's terrorist is another's freedom fighter. That was a fairly commonly-held attitude in the USA in my youth, but these days paranoia has precluded such liberality. Such an utterance now, especially at an airport, would likely buy you a full-cavity search, sans vaseline.

April 11, 2019


April 11, 2019

I seem to recall that Thomas Paine didn't fair so well. Neither a statue nor his bones.

April 11, 2019

.... so the evil guy/hero in the picture... we won't mention the evidence that suggest he sanctioned, at least once, maybe twice, the assassination attempt on Jefferson Davis.

J'ai dit "pour ne pas mentionner ça" !

April 11, 2019

Mes petites corrections : ...connu, sur qui (à propos de qui) beaucoup de livres... ... dans l'état de Virginie dans lequel... ... d'une grande armée , dont dépendait la naissance d'une nation.

J'ai un peu réarrangé tes pronoms , je ne sais pas si cela répond toujours à ton exercice .. désolée ;)

April 11, 2019

je ne sais pas si cela répond toujours à ton exercice

mais, non. ça va. je peux en écrire un autre.

Merci de ton aide.

April 11, 2019

I couldn't begin to comment on the accuracy, but I found it quite easy to understand so you must be doing something right :)

I guess the compound relative pronouns are the la+quelle and du+quelle, at least the compound element of them. I have to admit I'm not good at the nomenclature.

April 11, 2019

I wouldn't have know what to call them either if I hadn't started that exercise. I had exhausted the duolingo French resources. I had the tree golden (all skills at crown 5), I had heard all the stories (multiple times), I was mostly getting all the practice exercises correct. I had also completed the French from Spanish and Spanish from French trees (although not to level 5). So when Emma posted that site I started using it most days and working on other languages here.

Now that we have the updated tree and I have been demoted to a crown zero tree, I'm back to using duolingo French, but I still use bonjourdefrance from time to time. It has some good audio exercises, so if you're looking for some oral comprehension practice it's a good fit.

For this exercise I was thinking about Ludwig Boltzmann and I had a few sentences written about him, but then I thought that only nerds who are really into statistical thermodynamics would figure that one out. Washington was a safer bet, especially with the whole cherry tree urban legend.

April 11, 2019

Very well done, Angus.

April 11, 2019

cet arbre, d'une grande armée That's all I found. Well done Angus! And you only had to look up two words? Well, I'm jealous.

April 11, 2019

cet arbre, d'une grande armée

d'oh. Thanks.

I make lots of careless errors in English as well. I guess that's just impatience.

April 11, 2019

Same same. I tend to skip over the apostrophes too.

April 11, 2019

The apostrophe is like that awkward uncle. Always popping up at inappropriate moments, but never around when he's needed!

April 11, 2019

Nice work...

Alors, la patience avec laquelle tu écrit. C'est quelque chose auquel j'ai pensé de temps en temps. Mais je suis toujours pressé. Lesquels des deux tu préfères-tu? Écrire rapidement pour le travail, ou écrire lentement pour un passe-temps?

OK... just a quick stab :-)

April 11, 2019

pas mal. mais je pense que ce n'est pas une devinette.

April 11, 2019

D'accord. Tu m'as inspiré. Je vais essayer. Mais ton niveau est très élevé. Je ne suis pas sûr de pouvoir faire la même chose. Je pense qu'il sera difficile de penser directement en français, et de ne pas traduire. Mais merci encore.

April 11, 2019
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