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Supplemental material: www.swahilipod101.com

I just signed up for this. there is a LOT of material that i think would be helpful.

PS: I am not affiliated. I just stumbled across. there is a 7 day free trial

April 11, 2019



I read your post and I took as well a 7 day free trial.
I started with the first 2 lessons, it's good but more than 90% English and a little bit Kiswahili. Tomorrow I shall have a look again with lesson 3.
Thank you for this link.


Yes! I came across this on Youtube while looking for listening comprehension exercises and was going to post about it eventually but you already got there!

The listening comprehension exercises alone are enough to recommend it, especially as Duo isn't as strong in that area as reading and writing. When I have a bit more time on my hands, I will go through them in great detail.

Check out their Youtube channel, where they have some of their resources for free too.

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