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The Danish church abroad

Hi every Danish learner :D

It can be hard to meet other Danish speakers. But there are many Danes abroad spread over the world. There are many Danish churches in many countries abroad. 48 to be exact. London, Paris, Bruxelles, Sydney, Hong Hong, Jerusalem and so on. If you are interested in hearing the Danish language and experience some church traditions then check out this website:


Maybe you can find a place in your country? If it is not exactly what you are looking for, then I am sure you can find other ways to practice your Danish.

God arbejdslyst med at lære det danske sprog. Jeg håber, I har det sjovt med det og nyder det. Måske er det ligefrem hyggeligt at lære dansk? ;)

April 11, 2019



Interesting idea, never thought of it. I happen to live two hours away from one, so it's a possibility. Thanks a lot for the info! Quick question: are you Danish/living in Denmark?


Yes, I am a native Dane, who lives in Denmark. :)

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