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"Two months ago, the Terran celebrated her birthday."

Translation:cha'wen qoSDaj lop tera'ngan.

April 11, 2019



Would someone please confirm or deny this statement: "A tera' ngan is an inhabitant of Earth."?


As in two words; tera' ngan?

I would say you are right -- they're an inhabitant (ngan) of Earth (tera'). A noun-noun compound like "box top" or "book title" - "Earth inhabitant".


Thanks. I do really wish I'd figured that out a long time ago.


But watch out for some tricky ones!

vulqangan Vulcan, not vulqanngan

verengan Ferengi, not verenghInarngan or whatever.

'orghengan Organian, not 'orghenngan.

And, of course, tlhIngan Klingon, not Qo'noSngan or even tlhIngngan.

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