"Eu compro um ventilador."

Translation:I buy a fan.

April 11, 2019

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If my translation is wrong how DO you say "I am buying a fan"?


Eu estou comprando um ventilador.


Is there a way to make the difference between'one' and 'a' before a noun in Portuguese?


No, they are the same.


Yes, there's this funny thing about English having 'one' and 'a/an' to mean the same thing unlike many other languages.

However this translation, "I buy one fan" would be possible in some cases where there is the possibility of more than one. For instance, you meet someone in the shop and they tell you they came to buy two fans. Then you would say you're buying one fan.

Otherwise you're buying a fan.


Another difference is that "one" is stressed and "a" is unstressed and sounds like the schwa. In the rare cases where you would stress the article "a" (for instance when you correct someone—"No, not the fan, A fan") the article is pronounced "ey" like in the alphabet.


Nobody uses the simple present tense like that in English & neither would we use a numeral when "a" does the same thing.

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