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How study Hindi, any advice

i'm so glad to start study hindi, however, it appears a lot of complicated studied the grammar and the voice especially with the consonants. Any advice how to use the course successfully.

Greetings from Colombia

April 11, 2019



First of all you should practice the consonants and vowels. I know the sounds of some consonants are somewhat difficult to produce but you'll eventually master it by listening to content available on the internet. You should learn some basic verbs,nouns and all the pronouns. The Hindi grammar is somewhat similar to the Spanish grammer. And some words are also very similar After you are familiar with these things you should start constructing basic sentences. The course on Duolingo is very small, so you should check out other applications and there is more than enough content on YouTube. Also you can start reading some books like 'panchtantra' available on the internet. They are really helpful for improving vocabulary. I remember when I was in 1st grade we used to have stories from Panchtantra included in our textbooks. Most important thing is that you should enjoy while learning.


Which Spanish words are the same in Hindi?


Some I remember are 'pagar' which in Hindi means 'salary'. I know the meaning is different but it's easy to remember when we are familiar with the word. Another one is 'camisa' which sounds similar to 'kamiz' meaning 'shirt'. And in numbers 'dos' in Hindi is translated as 'do'.


Pagar and a few other words like chabi (key) are borrowed actually from Portuguese. Khameez is an arabic word I believe.


Hey there,thanks for sharing. I didn't know that. A lingot for you.


1) Memorize the consonant letters first using flash cards and then understand how the vowel marks change the consonant sound in the beginning lessons.

2) Understand the general order of the verbs, nouns and adjectives from the examples in the middle lessons.

3) Learn the pronouns and cases and possessive phrases and all the other annoying parts of speech in Hindi.


And try to watch Hindi movies, serials, etc with subtitles. Soon you will learn the patterns of speech.


One of the things which has really challenged and helped me really learn Hindi is to write in Hindi in my journal (also helps with privacy, haha). Having a English Hindi dictionary is helpful, of course, but it really forces/helps you to learn the language at a depth you won't using Duolingo. Don't get me wrong, DL has been great! But try doing some writing; you won't regret it.


Getting a note book and writing and study together with a good text book progress rather than perfection


I know this sounds dumb, but make a friend, date a person, join a group that speak(s) Hindi this has been my most effective language learning tool across the board. Because being able to ask a real person questions is so helpful. There are tons of forums online specifically for language learning, and meeting someone there is hit or miss, but when you hit, it's grand.

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