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  5. "Puoi stare qui se vuoi."

"Puoi stare qui se vuoi."

Translation:You can stay here if you want.

April 11, 2013



"wish" would be a perfectly acceptable rendering of this sentence into English. It should be an acceptable solution. Again, the rigidity of what is an acceptable English translation from the Italian is a continuing flaw in this program.


I agree with Bill


You can stay here if you wish = puoi stare qui se lo desideri (a little more formal)


It is just a matter of suggesting that the answer should be accepted. I have reported this now and hopefully it will be fixed soon, as I agree that this is an (even more correct) answer


Hmmm. Seven years ago and still not fixed ...


you can stay here if you wish ? Is a good English translation. I give up with you !!!!


"to wish," just like an English, is a different Italian verb: «desiderare» → «Puoi stare qui se desideri.». Also, "if you would like" is a different mood, the conditional, of the italian verb «volere»: «vorrei».


Now, now Mr. Owl, don't be sooo desperate!


as the previous comment I put wish an acceptable alternative which is turned down


Remain here is the same as stay here


"I want to be with you forever." "I lost my number. Can I have yours?" Gee, did I accidentally select the flirting lesson? I could have sworn this was supposed to be about prepositions.


There's just something not very gracious or polite about that. I think "you can stay here if you wish" is preferable and should also be accepted. Having said that, the "want" version would be OK among people who knew each other very well.

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