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Can someone help. I assign a topic that has nine lessons

I will assign a lesson that has nine lessons but I get a complete message for some students that say complete after only one lesson. Can any one explain this to me? I am giving my students credit for what they do on Duolingo but I want the burden to be even. Some students are getting nine lessons and others are getting just one. I don't get it, please help

April 11, 2019



Are some students just testing out of the skill?


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If your students did not test out of the skill, then this issue might have been caused by the update from "tree 2" to "tree12" for all students and teachers in French classrooms.

In an updated tree .....

  • a skill (topic) can contain 9 lessons from which one or more lessons are new
  • then it is possible that the skill says "complete" after doing just one lesson.
    I encountered this in another updated course (Dutch), which also received a lot of new skills, lessons, sentences, words and re-arrangements of skills.

You might have a look at ...


Have I moved it successfully​?

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