"Mereka membawa mantel."

Translation:They bring a coat.

April 12, 2019



Some Indonesians will refer both 'coat' and 'jacket' as 'jaket'. 'Mantel' sounds like a fancy word for use.

In my culture, we would say coat or jacket as 'baju panas (hot clothes) / baju hangat (warm clothes)'.

May 31, 2019


Does this mean "bring along", like in the question "Should I bring a coat?", when in doubt about the weather, or ordinary "bring", like "I will bring your coat to your house"? I guess the first in a chapter on clothes...

April 12, 2019


I am English English and now live in Australia - in both of these versions of English this sounds wrong -- why would a number of people bring one coat? Even if this group of people are doing this , it could be "they brought a coat" they are bringing a coat" "they will bring a coat" -- but Never "they bring a coat"

April 20, 2019


They come bearing a coat?

June 22, 2019


They bring coats.

July 4, 2019
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