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  5. "Mereka membawa mantel."

"Mereka membawa mantel."

Translation:They bring a coat.

April 12, 2019



I am English English and now live in Australia - in both of these versions of English this sounds wrong -- why would a number of people bring one coat? Even if this group of people are doing this , it could be "they brought a coat" they are bringing a coat" "they will bring a coat" -- but Never "they bring a coat"


They come bearing a coat?


Some Indonesians will refer both 'coat' and 'jacket' as 'jaket'. 'Mantel' sounds like a fancy word for use.

In my culture, we would say coat or jacket as 'baju panas (hot clothes) / baju hangat (warm clothes)'.


They bring coats.


So which of them get to wear the coat, as they brought only one between them?

Couldn't this be translated as "They bring coats."?


Membawa is also translatable as "to carry"


My father in law lived in Indonesia and, to me, confused 'bring'and 'take'. I suspect 'membawa'is the same. I would BRING a coat FROM the car, but I would TAKE a coat TO the car. Are they both 'membawa'?


Membawa afaik is goodly translated as carrying and bringing

Take afaik,: ambil


How would you translate 'They bring THE coat'?


Does this mean "bring along", like in the question "Should I bring a coat?", when in doubt about the weather, or ordinary "bring", like "I will bring your coat to your house"? I guess the first in a chapter on clothes...

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