How to say "hi"?

Yesterday a man said to me "nazdar", at first i didnt understand. I had ask him what nazdar means. Turns out it means "hi". Now i want to know apart from the normal words"ahoj, čao, dobrý den". What kind of words do you also often use in normal conversation? Thanks

April 12, 2019


Zdar, Servus, Tě pic (with a good friend)

not so normal conversation:

Tě noha, Tě péro, Pozdrav pámbů, Pochválen buď Pán Jěžíš Kristus, Ruku líbám

Common, but more like Dobrý den:

Zdravím, Buď(te) zdráv

April 12, 2019

I would avoid using greetings: "Tě pic, Tě noha, Tě péro, Zdárek párek, Čusík busík". Otherwise reactions may range from disbelief to suspicion :D

"Pochválen buď Pán Jěžíš Kristus" is a way how to greet a priest and he is supposed to answer "Až na věky", it's literal translation from Latin "Laudetur Jesus Christus" - "In saecula saeculorum"

"Zdař Bůh" - if you by accident during your stroll in a deep mine meet a coal miner, you can used this

April 20, 2019

čusík busík :D :D :D

May 25, 2019

Just a few notes:

1) Nazdar can be also shortened to "zdar".

2) Warning: "No nazdar" has a different meaning, something like "Oh no".

3) I quite like the word "zdravím" for "hello" since it is somewhere in the middle between "ahoj" and "dobrý den" on the level of formality. Therefore it is possible to use it at almost any occasion.

4) Most of the informal words for "hi" can be also used for bye, that is "ahoj", "čau" (I think "čau" is more typical then "čao") or "zdar".

April 26, 2019

"Nazdar" is being quite familiar and can borderline on rude in the wrong company.
Stick with "Dobry den/vecer" and you'll never be wrong (ahoj and čao are acceptable for acquaintances).

But for your good friends/buds/amigos/mates chilling at the hospoda, "Nazdar" is acceptable.

May 12, 2019

also variants of "čau": čus, čaues, čágo
also another variant of "nazdar": zdarec
all of them usable in real life, even if not so often

April 12, 2019

And don't forget "čest práci". It was used a lot during the communist era.

May 7, 2019

I still use čest with a close friend as a joke

May 25, 2019
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