"That orange fruit is called orange by us."

Translation:Buah oranye itu disebut jeruk oleh kami.

April 12, 2019

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Ive just shown this to an native indonesian speaker and even they were confused. I think the colour and fruit name are mixed up!


It's not a mix up, but I do agree that it's a bit confusing at first. Just change the original English sentence, "That orange fruit is called orange by us." → "That fruit that is orange is called orange by us." → "Buah yang berwarna oranye itu disebut jeruk oleh kami."


This is unnatural English. It makes a terrible sentence to translate because the meaning is unclear in English.

For one thing, it needs to be “an orange” otherwise it sounds like a reference to the colour again. Alternatively it needs to be in this plural form: “Those orange fruit are called oranges by us.” Consider these sentences:

That red fruit is called red by us.

That orange fruit is called orange by us. (Yes, these are strange unnatural sentences, but so is the alternative)

That red fruit is called an apple by us. (natural)

That red fruit is called apple by us (*unnatural)


that orange-colored-fruit is called orange by us


We call that orange-colored fruit an orange -> Kami menyebut buah orange itu jeruk.


But you are missing object-focus. It might sound a bit unnatural in English but it’s use is a particular feature of Indonesian and that’s why we need to learn it.


Jingga = oranye


why not use apple and red - seriously the english is terrible on this site!


This whole exercise is particularly poignant because the native Indonesian "jeruk", when fully ripe is green on the outside. So... "That green fruit is called an orange by us."

However, imported jeruk are usually orange both inside and out.

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