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Translation Source Problems

I've been translating some Wikipedia articles from German. The problem is that the text is presented in a zero structure way running together headings, subheadings and picture captions. Also sentences seem to be broken up by whenever a period is encountered. This means the period at the end of an abbreviation triggers the start of a new sentence. Since it comes from Wikipedia, I can go and find out what the original structure was. Is there a recommended way of dealing with this?

I've been including comments in brackets explaining, for examples, that I've combined two units since they were originally part of the same sentence. I've also labelled picture captions and subheadings a such, in brackets. Any better ideas?

Finally, am I wasting my time in doing this?

April 11, 2013



Thanks for the comment Dee :) This is something we're actively working on, and it should be massively improved next week.


this still seems to be a problem, I've encountered random bits of punctuation counting as sentences to be translated in Spanish too: https://www.duolingo.com/#/comment/443619


Yes, I had this problem too. Like you say, the German seems to break wherever there is a full stop regardless of whether it is the end of a sentence or not, and then you find yourself needing to put the complete sentence in two places to make sense. Then some novice translator comes along and changes it all because they have no clue that the one sentence has actually been split into two and sometimes three separate parts, but with the complex German syntax you need the whole sentence for it to make complete sense. Duolingo needs to improve on the German sentence splitting as many articles have numerous full stops associated with abbreviations and not the end of sentences.


-you are helping out quite a bit, I don't think that you're wasting your time...

I'm concerned about this too, I even made a post about it earlier today since it bothered me so much (that was before I found this thread D: ).

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