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All new High Valyrian content… with audio!

Dear language enthusiasts of Duolingo,

Winter is so here. Are you equipped to deal with it? Duolingo's got your back. A new version of the High Valyrian course is now available—with audio! In addition to the brand new voice recordings, there is fresh new vocabulary and content added as well. Give it a try here!

Learn High Valyrian

As you might remember, Dedalvs, the main contributor of the High Valyrian course here at Duolingo, is David J. Peterson, the actual constructor of the High Valyrian language. He built the language used in the TV show Game of Thrones based on a few sentences and words sprinkled throughout George R. R. Martin’s books. You’ll be happy to know that he is also the person responsible for the new Duolingo High Valyrian course audio recordings.

David J. Peterson

We have recently started allowing contributors of courses that did not have auto-generated audio to record voices to add to the course. We are so happy that Dedalvs took charge of recording the audio for this course, making High Valyrian one of the first languages with contributor-recorded audio available to learners (the other one being Hawaiian).

You can read more about the language on the wikipedia page, and also learn more about David and the course on several interviews online. Check out these recent stories on Reuters, Buzzfeed News and CBS (this one contains big spoilers for a previous season). You can also follow @dedalvs on Twitter.

We are honored that Dedalvs, Amorena3 and MadLatinist have dedicated their time to share this language with us, and given us all the opportunity to learn High Valyrian and its proper pronunciation directly from David, just like the actors from the television show.

Give the course and new audio a try as well, we’d love to hear your thoughts!

Valar Morghulis

Update: Don't miss the video interview we did with Dedalvs in April 2019

Valar dohaeris

April 12, 2019



Are we required to bend the knee to Duo to be able to live, or just keep our streaks alive?


keep your streak is the safer route i think... hm, now that i think about it, maybe do both...


like the language bird hasn't been terrifying enough already, it literally took the Iron Throne. wonder what it'll do to us next?!


That is very impressive. Well done, Duolingo and course contributors!

(I hope the Latin course will show as much thought, care, effort, and skill. And have audio, too [hopefully, the restored pronunciation, but ecclesiastical would do if need be].)


Can you imagine how great it'd be if they got the constructor of Latin to contribute to the Latin course as Dedalvs did here? That'd be so amazi- wait...


If anyone could do it, that’d be the Duolingo owl. Just saying XD


I’m not learning it, but I’m excited, because it is a relatively new language getting a lot of support. It is also a great motivator for many people.

[deactivated user]

    Duo on that throne is just-- ADORABLE hahahaha!!


    Thank you so much! So exciting to get three new trees this week. GET HYPE!


    I dont do this language but think this is so cool.


    I dont watch game of thrones but I have huge respect for people who love the show and community enough to learn this language!


    This is really nice to hear. I'm glad for people studying High Valerian. I'm also very excited about the possibility of having audio on the new Latin course (at least at some point in the future). But this makes me eager to ask a question about this new development:

    Will the option of adding contributer-generated audio recordings be extended to languages with TTS audio?

    Most of the courses have very good TTS that is an essential and well-loved part of Duolingo, and it should stay that way. But there are a few sentences with some very unfortunate errors that contributors did not have any means to fix. This could be a way to remedy that issue.

    And finally, are you considering the option of giving contributers the possibility to replace every sentence audio with a recording made by a speaker? I am wondering if that might be too resource-intensive.


    Yay! I tried the tree again yesterday and was impressed with all the improvements, so I’m definitely getting on with it again.


    Cool I’ll try it


    It is great that so many fans are diving into this language. One great aspect of being a linguist is having such an appreciation for all languages and their origins, as well as learning those languages that have been around for some time and learning a few just for fun. Hats off to David, Duolingo, and everyone else who contributed to the High Valyrian course.


    there's a really cool interview on a recent "The Allusionist" podcast episode:


    I just love how a Game Of Thrones ad is the only one that shows up on this page. ;P lol!


    Though many people say it is hard??


    It's complex, but that doesn't mean it's hard. I think the tree does a very good job of explaining everything you need know, and if you don't understand, you can go to wiki.dothraki.org for more information on both HV and Dothraki.


    That's a point: I wonder if they've thought about adding Dothraki to Duo, as well.


    Yayy! I give support for Duo and team to help advance a 'how-to', how a language is constructed -so as to make it work well with pleasing effects!!
    just as for how a thing/bridge/plane/boat/engine/rocket/spaceship is constructed -better and better. Extra extra extra cheers to counter those that put down or envy. Yes to language engineering and language appreciation.


    I get to meet @Dedalvs tomorrow! I don't think I've ever been more excited to meet someone in my life.


    Tell us about it!


    That's amazing!


    @Vivisaurus, this is an amazing project! @Dedalvs has become a legend in the Linguistic World.

    I intend to conquer the tree tonight. I'm so happy LOL! "Let's get ready to rumble!"

    Thank you for letting us know about it!

    EDIT: I'm really looking forward to watching the last season of Game of Thrones.


    It looks like you have the highest HV level here—congratulations (and tonight? that is ambitious)!


    i just got a golden owl in High Valyrian


    yay this is amazing


    Mans here knows every way to say "The boy eats the apple"


    I don't even watch GOT, Does everyone else?


    Whoho! i'm ready for it!


    That is awsome YAY


    To everyone saying "Why are they wasting time on this conlang?"

    ... It takes contributors that know the language to build the course. So just because they are working on this (easier) language, doesn't mean they aren't still working on Arabic, Latin, etc.


    is is an amazing project


    Hey, just a reminder keep your Duolingo streak! If you don't Duo the Owl will kidnap your family and slaughter them. Last night my parents were taken away and I am writing this at gun point.

    ~Jacob K (Duo's slave)


    i agree entirely


    I don't take this language, however, I am glad this site is taking conlangs seriously. I hope with this update Duolingo will be more open and friendly towards other Conlanguages. *Wink Wink Na'vi


    Love the upgrades. So generous of DJP to put so much time and effort into this course. The other languages I study I have buddies to practice with or books to read. Conlangs are trickier to learn. We are fortunate to have David Peterson, the actual creator, involved in all aspects of the course. Kirimvose!


    Cool addition. I know a lot of people have been waiting for this. Shout out to all the team working on this course!


    So glad that there is audio now. Are the words suppose to run together as in the examples? Any chance of adding a "slow down" function to hear the words better in the future?


    indeed. insightful, thank you.


    Well, there's my chance of sleeping tonight, flying away like a green owl. Duo is watching from his throne above. We are no longer safe here. I fear we must give up our streaks, or perhaps our lingots to give tribute to him, and bend the knee of course. Also quick note there Duo, sitting on a bunch of swords is a serious safety hazard. Just saying. NOT TO BE RUDE YOUR MAJESTY, I'm just concerned for your um, well-being.


    can you speak every language on this site I cant even speak my language fluehytly


    Last year of Game of Thrones - gonna learn High Valyrian (already learned some from Game of Thrones)


    I'm sure this made all the virgins happy


    I don’t want to learn the language. But it would be neat if instead of earning a golden owl at the end of the tree you see that’s picture of Duo on the iron throne.


    KingPanda0, seems like we have a fan of your idea among our devs lurking in the forums. This is now a reality on iOS. Maybe @DiegoDutra can confirm?


    Now I can win the throne.


    "We have recently started allowing contributors of courses that did not have auto-generated audio to record voices to add to the course."

    The best part of this entire post. Text-to-speech isn't as good as a (well-done) recording.


    I ve just started with this so called dragon language .

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