"Not you."

Translation:Du nicht.

April 11, 2013

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Is this an idiomatic sentence that's commonly used? It's in the "Phrases" lesson but it doesn't sound like a common phrase to me.

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    It's perfectly fine.

    Fritz: Kommt mal her!

    Hans: Ich auch?

    Fritz: Nein, du nicht.


    Eh yo, "Nicht Sie" is also accepted as a legit answer; question is, is it grammatically correct?


    yes, it is perfectly fine. Just for formal situations.


    This one was 'nur ein bisschen' strange for me. Let me ask you a question, if I wanted "Du nicht" in the end of a question, like we do in english "bla bla bla, aren't you?". Would I say "nicht du?" or other word. Once I saw the word "oder", this would work as the "aren't you?" "isn't it?" and so on.

    Is it?


    I have the same question: are Du nicht and Nicht du equivalent?

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      You can't use it as a question tag. You could use "oder?", "nicht wahr?" or "nicht?".


      I used Nicht ihr on this one & it was accepted.


      What's wrong with Nicht Dich?


      "Dich" is for a verb. It's used tu say a verb applies to "you". For example, "Ich liebe dich", I love you. The verb "lieben" is made by "ich" to "du". Then you say "dich".

      Other example: "Ich esse dich." (I eat you) "Ich" makes the action, "du" receives it.


      Does the order have any different meaning?


      anyone? does order has different meanings?


      Question has already been asked twice, nobody answered: is there any difference between "du nicht" and "nicht du"?

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