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  5. "yuQvetlh tInqu' lubav javSaDā€¦

"yuQvetlh tInqu' lubav javSaD loSvatlh Soch maS."

Translation:Six thousand four hundred and seven moons orbit that huge planet.

April 13, 2019



Some of the words for the english translation are not present. This keeps happening.


You need to include more details. We can't see what kind of exercise it was and don't know what you were offered or what you entered. A screen shot would be immensely helpful.

I'm guessing this was a tile exercise and it seemed like some of the needed tiles were missing? This has been a big problem since the new design was released. The tiles were actually there, but had run off the bottom of the screen (i.e. hidden behind the bar across the bottom). This is a known problem with longer sentences since the redesign.

If you do have a screen shot, please give me a link so I can send it to the programmers and they can see the problem. If you do send me that, please also let me know what platform you're using: Android, iOS, or Web (and if Web, what browser you are using).

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