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  5. "What were you running from?"

"What were you running from?"

Translation:nuqvo' SuqettaH?

April 13, 2019



This seems like a silly question, but I've tried both nuqvo' DaqettaH and nuqvo' bIqettaH, and neither one was accepted. It seems there is no direct object in this sentence, but I don't see why the 2nd person singular can't be used. Am I missing something?


nuqvo' bIqettaH should be accepted, but nuqvo' DaqettaH should not. qet does not take an object. You don't run something in Klingon.


qatlho', David! That's what I thought, but I was trying all the second person singular options just in case I was wrong about qet taking no object. (I wasn't sure if maybe it was one of those verbs of motion that can take a locative as its direct object, even though it clearly doesn't do so in this sentence).

At any rate, nuqvo' bIqettaH was NOT accepted. If I should run across it again, I'll submit it as a "My sentence should have been accepted" request.


nuqvo' bIqettaH? is definitely in the accepted answers. Did you report it and/or do you have a screen shot?


I tried it again just now, and it was accepted this time. I must have done something else wrong, although I checked pretty carefully, and it looked identical to me. I'll keep trying it for as long as I keep enountering this example, in case this changes.

Thanks again for all your prompt attention to this and to all of our requests, guys. Your dedication is impressive, and it means a lot to us Klingon learners!


This sentence needs an answer:
jISovbe' 'ach Ho'Du' tIn ghaj 'ej Sup.
jISovbe' 'ach 'oH Ho'Du' law' law', DuraS tuq Ho'Du' law' puS.

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