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"Drei Serien"

Translation:Three series

April 11, 2013



what about three episodes? it doesnt accept


what about three episodes?

That would be drei Folgen.


As in BMW 3 series, 325, 328, 340, etc.


As I read "drei Serien" my first thought was that they meant "tv series" or "tv shows" but it doesn't accept "three shows". Duolingo is sometimes so vague.


A show is not a series - or not necessarily. A series is not necessarily a TV program.


That's the problem with the sentence. If you write "Drei Serien" in German it can mean "three series" of a car model" for example or "three different shows". Same issue with "camp" which can translate into Lager (which in German can mean a warehouse or a stock. I wish they could be more precise with the sentences. You could easily make sentences more logical by adding "three new toy series" or "drei neue Spielzeugserien" if you expect a specific word to be used.


There was another sentence "die Serie beginnen" or something, so "Serie" was plural.


It was "or something", namely die Serien beginnen: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/128633

die Serie is singular but that sentence correctly used the plural form die Serien.


I would really like to understand why "series" and "sports" do not have a singular form.


"Sport" does have a singular form. Football is a sport. Baseball is a sport.

"Series" also has a singular form: it just happens to end in an "s." A new series is beginning.

The plural for "series" is the same word. Several new series [multiple sequences, such as the whole fall lineup] are beginning. That's not unique: "species," for example, is both singular and plural.


One of BMW's finest.


I pressed both buttons and only one word came up testing skills here how is this fair


I thought it was "ferien" (holidays)

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