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  5. "I saw a really tall Klingon."

"I saw a really tall Klingon."

Translation:tlhIngan wochqu' vIlegh.

April 13, 2019



I'm still confused when to use vi- and when to use ji-.


Do you know what a grammatical object is? You have a verb. The subject is whoever or whatever performs the verb. The object is whoever or whatever the verb is done to.

In Klingon, when the subject is jIH I and the verb prefix is jI-, it means there is no object. I'm doing the verb, but I'm not doing it to or on anything. jIlegh I see (no mention of what I see, so no object). When the verb prefix is vI-, it means the object is a third-person noun: a he, she, it, or they. Ordinary nouns are third person as well. tlhIngan vIlegh I see the Klingon. tlhIngan is third person, because it's a noun.

tlhIngan wochqu' is very tall Klingon. Noun phrases like this are still third person. tlhIngan wochqu' vIlegh I see the very tall Klingon.

In summary:

jI- I (subject) — no object
vI- I (subject) — third-person object

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