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  5. "How many eggs?"

"How many eggs?"

Translation:कितने अंडे?

April 13, 2019



Why in this case is there not a है at the end? And if there is, is it normal for word order to change, like अंडे कितने है?


If the sentence were "कितने अंडे हैं?" it would mean "How many eggs are there?" but this is more of a response, like someone asks you for some eggs, so you just want to clarify how many they want, "कितने अंडे?" And order also matters, "अंडे कितने है?" would be "How much are the eggs?"


Why not kitni ande?


Because अंडे (eggs) is plural. We use कितने (how much) with plural subject.


Its plural plus eggs are feminine in hindi. Singular version would be kitna

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