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Duolingo Autentico

Does anyone use this book or Spanish? we should take advantage of this forum to exchange ideas, clarify doubts, formulate questions, etc. Is this the right forum?

April 13, 2019



It used to be Realidades.


Yes, jorma! I just noticed this post. We use Realidades currently, but are thinking of updating to Autenticos or perhaps Qué chévere. You can help us inform our decision. Are you liking the updated version of Realidades?

One of my main frustrations is that Realidades/Autenticos introduces half of the conjugation for ser, and then waits a chapter and introduces -- officially -- the subject pronouns, and then waits another chapter for estar, and then another chapter for the rest of ser. So I don't follow the book religiously, instead introducing ser/estar much earlier, and gusta/gustan at the same time, etc. But it doesn't look like Qué chévere is any more logical.

Are the sound files updated in Autenticos? How about the videos? My students love the cheesiness of the one with the hamster, but I'm hoping that the new videos seem more relatable to the students.

Thanks for your insight!


This is my second year teaching Sp1 with Autentico. Before I used Avancemos! I think that Pearson has done a great job with Autentico con el libro de texto, los workbooks, y la website. There are many features to learn about, including videos, resources, ancillaries, etc. The videos are very good, there are many complementary activities; I do follow the book and don't care much about the way they present stuff. The training I got initially was useless, the learning curve is taking longer than necessary. Students y teachers have access to PearsonRealize, the online version of the textbook. If students have a laptop, they can access the digital version of the textbook. I find the readings workbook overly difficult for most students, and prefer to use some readings from Avancemos. I strongly recomend Avancemos, but don't kow the other one "que chevere". I also use quizlet, duolingo and google classroom. If you choose the Autentico, let's talk and help each other.


Thank you very much for your input, jorma1998b! I will look into Avancemos as well. Who publishes that?

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